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When you're ready to create something transformative for your audiences, our Solutions help become ExperienceBuilt™.

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Drive Experience-Grounded Transformation

Grounded in our Experience Design Principles, our iterative process builds strategy to leapfrog your innovation development. 


Chart Your
Future Normal

Need a better understanding of how people approach your brand?  LIVE's detailed, data-driven solution will map the current experience state and model the desired future state.

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Relevant Solutions

Support on-going improvement during the design process. We follow the Framework → Prototype → Field Test construct.

We don't just help organizations become ExperienceBuilt,

we also apply the principles of Experience Design to the way we do business with you.

We elevate the experience for you and for participants — it's the experience design difference you get working with LIVE.

Our Solutions flex to guide your specific business challenge. Our process is the constant, ensuring we balance rigor with reality to enable action.
Map ➡

business goals and review existing audience insights to determine archetypal journey

Measure ➡

audience intensity and mindstates to yield stronger touchpoint prioritization

Recommend ➡

direction to drive strategic innovation in support of development initiatives

& Go ➡

develop and iterate prototypes as an extension of your team