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Experience Design creates solutions that meet audience needs, ensuring that all the people, systems and communications work together. Start applying experience design principles using our planning worksheet to create stronger, lasting emotional connections with your target audiences.

Does this apply to me?

Introducing new, system-wide changes? Launching a new product or service? On-boarding a new employee? We all have opportunities to connect with people. You can use these eight Experience Design principles and transform these opportunities from ordinary to extraordinary.

Mind the Gap

Great experiences are the sum of many, many moving parts. Your creative idea will only deliver a transformative experience if all the micro-touchpoints work together. Otherwise, the disconnects leave a gap. Our planning worksheet can help you engage your audience’s attention - and KEEP IT!

MMR LIVE is an experience design group helping companies like yours link together micro-touchpoints to drive stronger emotional connections with their audiences, launch new offerings and solve business problems. MMR LIVE, a division of MMR Research Associates, is redefining the meaning of marketing by empowering professionals to drive the organizational change required to become #ExperienceBuilt.


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